The Business of Open Source

How can we get founders of open source companies together to share ideas, share strategies and tactics and build a community not just of open source practitioners, but of open source business owners? We create a conference/summit/retreat to bring them together to learn and to work on their businesses together. At least that is the bet that Remy Bertot and I are making

In this episode, I talked with Remy about Open Source Founders Summit, a summit they're organizing on May 27th and 28th, 2024 in Paris, France — we each shared our motivations for organizing the event, and talked about why we think it's important for people to come together in person.

You should listen to the episode, but if you don't want to, the bottom line is that we think there needs to be a space for all open source founders (not just the DevTools, not just the VC-backed) can come together to share business ideas — a place where business, not tech, is the focus. 

Listen to the episode, and join us in May! 

What is The Business of Open Source?

Whether you're a founder of an open source startup, an open source maintainer or just an open source enthusiast, join host Emily Omier as she talks to the people who work at the intersection of open source and business, from startup founders to leaders of open source giants and all the people who help open source startups grow.