The Quitter's Club

Show Notes

Fresh out of school, Michelle Thompson purchased a thriving chiropractic clinic and gained an instant client base. Awesome right?
But after landing in emergency after suffering a panic attack because a staff member called in sick, she knew something wasn’t aligned. (Pun intended).

On this episode, Michelle and I are talking about the reasons for purchasing and selling a business, what it took to get back to basics, and how the whole journey led her down a new path that is so aligned for her she doesn’t even call it work.

If something is nagging at you, and you keep pushing it down, you need to listen to this episode.

You can learn more about the work Michelle is doing on her website or follow along with her on Facebook.


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What is The Quitter's Club?

Welcome to The Quitter’s Club.

As a lifelong quitter, I’m going to be talking about the uncomfortable process of quitting what no longer works for us.
This club isn’t about giving up - it’s about taking your life back.

This is an unfiltered space where me and my guests talk candidly about the ‘holy sh!t moments’ that changed our lives.

So join me and my guests as we get real about being uncomfortable.

Be a quitter. Join the club.