Getting Lost With You Podcast

It’s been a minute or two. It’s our crazy journey whether we like it or not. 
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Creators & Guests

Jessicah Travis
Jessicah Travis is a Life Coach, Blogger and Podcaster. She hosts 2 podcasts: Liberate Your Story Podcast and Connected Podcast. She is also the co-host of the Getting Lost With Podcast.
Casey Travis
Casey Travis edits, composes and produces multiple podcasts. He is also host of the Lenses Podcast and Co-Host of Getting Lost With You Podcast.

What is Getting Lost With You Podcast?

Previously the Sacred Spaces Podcast With Casey and Jess, a new chapter has begun. As nomads living on the road, they will have ALL of the conversations about life, culture, politics, religion, and nomadic life...candid and raw. A new destination with each episode as they record in their traveling "podcast studio" and share their "Road Stories". Subscribe today and follow as they build their new Nomadic Overlanding home. Follow our journey on YouTube: