Between the Spreadsheets

How an old family business can feel more like a start up when Michelle and Michaele seize some unlikely opportunities when the chips where down. A story of resilience, mental strength and innovation.

Show Notes

Episode 5 is the story of Cama, a 119 year old business that is going through huge change and growth and almost feels like a start up as a chance meeting at a networking event has opened up a whole new and very exiting sector. Having had some enormous challenges in recent years, Michelle and Michaele share such honesty about meeting through work, the luck they have had and how they’ve seized opportunities. They tell us about the sleepless nights they’ve had and how this forced them to be more imaginative and not just keep doing what they had been doing. 

This Couplepreneur share how much going on gut has helped them and how they already know they want to start another business together at some point in the future. Michelle and Michaele tell us that knowing  they work with someone that absolutely supports them 100% and has their back is great. The future is looking very bright for Cama and we gain such great insight in to how this Couplepreneur are one to watch and can teach us lots about resilience, mental strength and innovation. 

What is Between the Spreadsheets?

Tricia Bacon, founder of Couplepreneurs - a growing global community of couples who live together and run a business together - speaks to inspirational couples about just how they juggle work, life, love and everything in between.