Finneran's Wake

“A nihilist—that’s from the Latin "nihil", nothing, so far as I can judge. Therefore, the word denotes a man who doesn’t recognize anything?” Sadly, it does. The word’s etymology, should you be so fearless as to trace it to its root, shan’t lead you astray. It will, however, lead you to dark, morbid, and unnatural places, to a chthonic world out of which you’ll not easily climb. It’ll lead you to a realm emptied of meaning, and an existence stripped of life. The materialist, utilitarian, unpoetic, brooding Bazarov will welcome you to this ghastly terrain.

When you return, as I hope you do, I’ll offer you my warmest Father’s Day wishes.

What is Finneran's Wake?

News, politics, history, poetry, philosophy, literature, life: A little university in the palm of your hand, an eloquent voice between your ears! Intended neither to inflame, nor to polarize, but to pursue truth. What end could be greater? Sapere Aude, my friends! Dare to think. Dare to seek. Dare to know.