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Guitarists can be a finicky bunch, often reluctant to embrace change and new technology. Well Rubato Guitars are not afraid of change, they’re embracing carbon fibre and making some of the lightest and coolest guitars while doing it. We sat down with Oliver from Rubato to talk about how they got started, what inspires them, and what challenges they face. They’re also the world’s only source of carbon fibre replacement necks for other guitars.
It’s a rad chat with a super cool guy, enjoy!

What is The Cultured Guitarist?

The Cultured Guitarist is dedicated to exploring the cultural zeitgeist surrounding the instrument that has been the most moving instrument of the last 100 years. Join us for the ongoing conversation of what it is to be a guitarist. We tackle everything from new gear, old gear, songwriting, playing, gigging, practicing, collecting, modding, building, etc. If it’s related to the guitar, we’re gonna explore it. With a lot of humour and some stellar guests, Al & Kasper tackle the topics in the unending quest to be six string gurus.