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On this 114th "micro-episode" of The Thriller Zone, yours truly gives you a super brief update of where #TheTZ stands as it pertains to the New Year.
In short, (1) our guest authors will join us to record on Mondays, (2) then those new shows will now drop on Wednesdays, (3) authors of all ranks, that's self-pub'd, newbies, or New York Times Bestsellers, can now advertise on our podcast!
With super reasonable rates, just a very few rules, and lots of exposure, this seems to be a terrific way for everyone to win. 
Why? Because authors get exposure, this podcast gains a bit of help to defray costs, and listeners get to meet and learn about many authors they may not have known about. 
One last bit of news, because my lovely wife, Tammy, brought so much goodness and light to the Year End Extravaganza, and because of popular demand, she has agreed to return to co-host The Thriller Zone in the future. 
Okay, that's it for now, and while this isn't an "official podcast, complete with Super Star Talent and such," it marks what's in store for the new year.
Last thing: Whether you're a brand new author, or an esteemed New York Times Bestseller, you can appear on the show. All you need is to follow these brief criteria:
  1. You must have traditionally published at LEAST ONE book in 2022, and have plans to publish again in 2023,
  2. If self-published, you must have published in 2022, also have plans to publish in 2023, and have at least 70 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads,
  3. You must have a Social Media Platform, with no less than 500 followers on ANY social channel. That's it!
The reason for these rules is that there's only so many slots on the show, and the host has only so much time to read/prep/record/post (as well as write his own books). So thanks for playing along.
As mentioned in the promo, if you'd like to advertise your book(s) on this podcast, go to: then contact us at thethrillerzone (at) gmail, and thank you!
Cheers, David Temple
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