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Shannon Desmarais is the national manager, legal solutions at Canon

Show Notes

when we come back to work, it's going to be really interesting how we'll be able to help support the remote worker as well as those that, want to maintain some level of tradition.

Shannon is a successful outsourced solution professional with 25 years of law firm experience.  Shannon has been with Canon 21 years originally serving as the Midwest Operations Manager for 10 years where she and her service team implemented and managed some of our largest and most innovative law firm accounts.  Having been a Facility & Services Manager for a national law firm prior to joining Canon, Shannon has the unique ability to understand law firm requirements from a client and provider perspective.
Documents services and the ability to move away from, print is going to be probably the largest area of opportunity. And the best use of the support structure and also,  just driving efficiency and in those areas. 
In this episode you'll learn about:
  • How long firms are planning for the return to work
  • Where are some areas of change that Shannon and her colleagues are seeing
  • Some practical, and low-tech approaches that firms will need to implement to make people feel comfortable as they return to work
  • What are some differences between leadership in corporate vs law firms

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leadership in some of our corporate clients is really taking this opportunity to say when you come back to work, it's going to look like this rather than let's get you back to work and, let's figure it out along the way.

You can find Shannon on LinkedIn

What is Fringe Legal?

Fringe Legal is a podcast discussing the future of the legal profession. Aimed at law firm leaders and influencers, each episode is a thoughtful discussion with a diverse range of voices about ideas impacting the evolution of the legal profession.

Along the way, we’ll learn about challenges to be overcome, what’s worked in the past, and expert tips on what could make a difference in the future.