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In this episode, Ari is in conversation with Dr. Jennifer Freed. A depth psychologist, social-emotional trainer, and astrologer. She is an author and a certified EMDR expert and national consultant who has penned ten books relating to personal growth. She has also been interviewed for her expertise by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, goop, USA Today, and VOGUE, among others.
With a Ph.D. in psychology, in addition to her expertise as an astrologer, Jennifer Freed is here to show you how to decode and tap into your gifts in this practical guide to life. She explains how your astrological birth chart can point you to the life you want and offers self-assessments to pinpoint your most effective strategies.

Episode Highlights:
  • What is astrological psychology?
  • Understanding your cosmic DNA
  • The mask you wear and unmasking
  • How to find your sacred crew
  • Your elemental strengths
  • Your shadow elements
  • The practice of emotional granularity 
  • How to eat and move based on your elemental strengths & shadows
  • The 12 domains of your life and what your chart says
  • Action points to take through the lens of the four elements

Find more about Dr. Jennifer Freed at:
Instagram: @drjenniferfreed
 Twitter: @DrJenFreed
Facebook: @JenniferFreedPhD
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What is Align with Ari?

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