Basecamp's head of product strategy, Ryan Singer, launches a print edition of Shape Up.

Show Notes

In 2019, Basecamp released Shape Up, a digital book by head of product strategy Ryan Singer about our approach to product development. Since then, Ryan has added sections in response to reader feedback and released a print edition. Ryan comes back on Rework to talk about connecting with other business owners using Shape Up, and how he approached the editing, design, and distribution of the physical book without going through traditional publishing channels.

Show Notes

Our episode introducing Shape Up - 00:10

Ryan Singer's Twitter | website | newsletter - 00:13

Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters - 00:16

Basecamp's other books - 00:43

Six-week cycles - 3:08

Setting the appetite - 3:36

Principles of shaping - 4:29

Hill charts - 5:20

What about bugs? - 9:48

HEY - 10:33

Making new products - 11:19

Basecamp merch store - 16:21

Notability - 16:57

Ryan's live sessions are on the Shape Up page - 17:24

Ryan's Shape Up Live session with Adam Wathan of Tailwind CSS - 19:34

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