ZenOne Podcast

We will have dental assistants from different specialty practices share their experiences and feedback on COVID-19.

Show Notes

The webinar will be hosted by Iryna, a Zen Team member who is also a dental assistant, and we invited Vanessa and Rosanna from Forest Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, as well as Alyssa from Harvest Dental. 

We plan to discuss the following:
  1. Reality of Dental offices being closed
  2. Work from home options for dental assistants 
  3. Pay cuts/Unemployment- how to deal with the financial aspect of this crisis?
  4. 10-15 years from now how would we look at this time period and what reflection would we take with us

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.