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He was the last line of defence on the most offensive teams in the history of the NHL and helped the Oilers win five Stanley Cups during his Hall of Fame career. Grant Fuhr this week on Sports and More.

Show Notes

This week it was such a pleasure to welcome Grant Fuhr to the show. He was the backbone of the Oilers in the 80's, was a star for Canada and rightfully was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. However, Grant's journey wasn't without adversity. From injuries to own goals to being railroaded by the NHL without a positive drug test. Through it all Fuhr has kept an incredibly positive attitude and is always the most gracious person in the room. It was great to spend time with him on the podcast where we went back to the beginning to when he started out having to wear wrong handed equipment to wearing the old face masks and the 1987 Canada Cup. We also did a little word association with some of his former goalie partners. The Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports Top 3 Topic is underrated super stars in honour of the recently passed Dale Hawerchuk. The UFFS poll question is about the play in series for the Stanley Cup and in Perfect Player I went with Oiler Goalies!!

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