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This week my guest, Howard Night and I talk about inspirations, what he would tell his younger self and what his perfect day looks like.

Show Notes

Show Notes
1:56 Where you can find Howad Night on the internet:
2:16 Connection to Valjeanne Jeffers from this episode: and her first appearance here:
3:11 Representation
What was missing from X-Men that drove Howard Night to write?
Dark Universe Origins
Beauty of collaboration and different styles
What’s next for the Dark Universe? 
8:47 Learning how to become a Writer 
How he’d start now.
The importance of smaller successes
11:07 A Perfect Day
How often does Mr. Night get his perfect day?
How much more often would he prefer?
13:19 Culture Curiosity
How will the world change? 
15:13 What Howard Hates about Writing?
Problems w/knowing how the sausage’s made
Why he liked the Mandelorian?
Rediscovering old cartoons
What’s the Serpent Cult?
21:55 More Homecoming
23:29 Final Word 
Lean to the positive 

What is Demond Does?

Demond Does is where I do dope things with dope people such as:
The 6 Questions where the same 6 questions can tell a unique story,
U.S. Heroes where I talk about American heroes, of course.
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