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The customer experience is crucial to making sure your brewery can continue to operate in a meaningful way. We have an expert coming up with insight into what patrons are looking for.

Show Notes

While January can be a slow month for some hospitality-based businesses, it can also be a chance to take a look under the hood to make sure that the customers walking through the door are getting the best possible experience. It’s also a chance to make any adjustments so that the rest of the year delivers a quality experience. 

This is looking like a tough year ahead for brewers and while there is a focus on the dollars coming in, there are other things that brewers should be looking for to keep business fresh and booming and practical steps that can be taken to stem downturns. 

To dive into this the BYO Nano Podcast reached out to Michael Varda the Founder of Craft Beer Advisory Services the first and only full-service market research firm exclusively dedicated to craft beer.

He began his professional career in market research roles advising some of the nation's top universities on attracting students and several Fortune 50 companies on improving brand perceptions. 

In addition to CBAS, he also leads brand perception research at a Fortune 100 financial firm. 

Combining his research skill with a passion for craft beer, CBAS was born in Fall
2021. Since its founding, Michael has delivered CBAS research to more than 200 breweries in 40+ states and more than 10 countries.

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BYO Nano Brew Podcast Episode 37
John Holl
Guest: Michael Varda
Music: Scott McCampbell

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