Flushing It Out

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There were too many great pointers to cover, so this week's Full Flush is a continuation of the Pit Stop episode. Samantha and Amelia continue their conversation and Amelia goes through a few more pointers that will help us keep our New Years resolutions going further into 2020.

Show Notes

Amelia continues through her list of pointers and covers topics such as (and these are bullet-pointed for a reason):

- Color-Coordinating  Calendars
- Time Traps
- Slot-Machine Brain
- Unroll.me
- Using Signature Blocks in Emails
- The 3 Questions to Ask Before Saying "Yes"


What is Flushing It Out ?

Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle, the Introvert's Extrovert. The podcast where she talks to people so you don't have to...for now.