Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

We continue our September deep dive into sustainability in a two part episode which looks at the race for companies to go beyond net zero, speaking to the change makers from Capgemini and beyond who are making an impact in this most vital realm.

Show Notes

Find out more about our about our Net Zero Strategy here: https://www.capgemini.com/service/invent/path-to-net-zero/

We all know the term Net Zero. It’s printed on ad campaigns, used as the buzzword that every CEO uses in their keynote, but net zero is just the start of true sustainability. Net Zero is essentially a neutral gear in our path. Neither backwards nor forwards. So what does beyond Net Zero, the forward gear, look like? 

In the first of two episodes on the race to go beyond net zero, we look at how organizations can tangibly contribute back to a sustainable ecosystem both inside and outside of their organisations, and how industries can work together to find better approaches rather than just iterating internally without meaningful impact.

To find out more, we spoke to Florent Andrillon, Vice President and Energy & Utilities Lead at Capgemini Invent; Kiri Trier, our director of innovation & strategy, and sustainability lead here at Invent; Kara Pecknold, an executive design director at frog (part of Capgemini Invent) and Innovation Consulting Firm; and Allison Dring, the CEO and co founder of Made of Air, a company specializing in carbon negative materials.

What is Future Sight with Capgemini Invent?

Every day business and technology move forward at a rapid rate, it becomes increasingly important to explore new ways to adapt and grow for the future. Being up to date on the latest technology is important but not enough for you to get the future you want; more important is understanding and anticipating what’s coming next.

Future Sight is your guide to that journey. We bring industry-leading experts together to unpack a new way of thinking around the challenges we're facing today that will affect tomorrow. We dig into the issues that they and their industries are facing and break down the need to know actionable approaches and strategic insight that will help plot what's next for you and your business.