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James Sowers of joins me to talk about where we are in our business and what we’re working on next. (18:20 minutes)

Show Notes

For the curious…
James is the owner of, a site he took over earlier this year. I asked James to come on and have a mastermind call with me. Hoping to do this regularly, so if you enjoyed it – please do let me know.

Show Highlights
  • 1:45 What is
  • 2:58 Sending out a survey to find out what to build.
  • 5:04 Amy Hoy and Kai Davis’ formulas for finding out what’s worth your time.
  • 9:43 How NOT to use surveys.
  • 11:48 Giving away samples as a marketing tactic.
  • 13:43 Is email marketing still effective?

What is Freelance?

A podcast about how to be effective at independent remote work featuring companies like Disney, Basecamp, Convertkit, YNAB, and more.