How Did We Get Here

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"Nature and the things you got from nature were our livelihood."

Maile Spencer Napolean, from a Hawai'ian family that can trace their history to 1200, shares what nature and family taught, how not to give half-ass hugs, and how aloha works.

Show Notes

"Six hundred and fifty people that lived there forever were like, 'Where's the water?' . . . My father refused to work for them because he said they stole the water." 

We talk joy, half-ass hugs, villages wiped by plantations, making from the land, our mothers' slippahs/changlas, and healing with Hawai'ian master Maile Spencer Napolean.

HOW DID WE GET HERE flips the migrant story.  Come, here the story of us.

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Maile Spencer Napolean's family can trace their story on the land back 700 years. Hailing from the Big Island, she stops to talk story during her visits to mainland family--between the bitter cold in Colorado and Oregon this March, before she returns to offer classes on her native Hawai'i.

"The old people used to say 'go away and don't bother me.' But my grandmother never did." She shares what family and nature taught her, in the old Hawai'ian ways.

Listen in to the practice of aloha--with mind, body, and spirit.**

Honorable Mentions
* The rise of sugar plantations on Hawai'i
* Kohola 'Aina: A History of North Kohola
* Aunty Maile's tutu, who kindly kept answering questions and showing the way
Kolohes everywhere
* May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei
* The Big Island
* Serge King
* Japanese Acupuncture
* 2019: The Year of Indigenous Languages

Learn more or reach out to Maile on her website.

Glossary: What is the history of Hawai'i? What is a kapuna? Haole? Read more at "Who Are Na Kapuna?" What is happening with Lapakahi today? Here is a brief history of land rights in Hawai'i and more on what's happening in Hawai'i, between the land and the people, today. Follow the latest Hawai'i stories here. From 1914 Yale Journal: Hawai'i Water Rights. If you're looking to learn more about the work on touch, eye contact, and neuroscience mentioned, check out Barbara Frederickson's Love 2.0.

**This show had to be done by cellular phone which makes our sound lo-fi but doesn't change the fact that Aunty Maile's stories are worth your listen.

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