Tale Me About It

For episode #17 I interviewed Frankie Cena, a Canadian TV personality, model, previous winner and host of Mr. World, Debate Coach, and contestant on several TV shows including a new Netflix series called Sing On! Frankie talked about his experiences in the entertainment industry, what is what like competing in Mr.World, pageant life, the struggle of rejection, advice, and of course - his story of meeting Simon Cowell. This was a really great episode surrounding the craziness of the entertainment industry!

What is Tale Me About It?

Tale Me About It started as a curiosity for life, and people in general. Each episode dives into the depths of real life experiences; where stereotypes are de-bunked and laughter is shared (I know, corny). Join me for a spontaneous adventure of life stories coming from people all around us. Everyone has a unique story to tell... or shall I say tale.