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Hudsy Brooke has spent her career in entertainment and her work experience has spanned everything from Disneyland singer to Hollywood dominatrix. In our interview she discusses her experiences with a number of psychedelic substances including MDMA, psilocybin, cannabis, and ayahuasca. During these experiences she's had insights about her self image, received guidance about her romantic relationships, connected with nature, and interacted with her deceased father.

The purpose of the podcast is for entertainment and harm reduction. We are not medical or legal professionals. We encourage you to consult a physician and your local laws before considering the use of psychedelic substances. Please understand that you may not hold us liable or responsible for relying on any information contained on the podcast or our website.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:10 MDMA at Burning Man
00:03:23 Psilocybin at Burning Man decompression party
00:06:35 Relationship guidance on ayahuasca
00:09:17 Seeing the star grid on MDMA
00:12:47 Guidance about self image on Ayahuasca
00:15:59 Ayahuasca as a truth serum
00:26:41 Communicating with deceased father
00:31:16 Seeing the connection in all things
00:35:05 Personal lessons learned

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Psychedelics Stories dives into people's experiences in different states of consciousness and the resulting impact those experiences have in life.