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  • Andrew Mason
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Show Notes

[00:02:13] Joel starts off by saying it's an exciting time for the
 project with all the changes going on and he discusses some of these
 changes. He also talks about why View Component is not going to be in
 Rails 6.1 and is that a good thing or bad thing?
[00:07:32] Joel talks about having 126 components and goes into
 further detail about them. Primer Design System and App Directory are
 mentioned. He also goes more in depth about the different forms in the
 component library.
[00:12:01] Andrew asks Joel to explain what are some things you should
 use components for and what are some things you should not?
[00:24:31] Chris mentions how there is some kind of organizing
 stimulus controllers with a component, but he wonders how does Joel look
 at the JavaScript part of those components? Joel explains here.
[00:29:48] Joel mentions although it's been nerve wrecking for him to
 work on this project, he makes it very clear that he's been phenomenally
 well supported by several people who are mentoring him. There are also
 so many people that are working with him internally and providing so
 much support and guidance, which helps to create this welcoming
[00:35:10] Joel makes a comment that for an Open Source project, one
 of the best gifts anyone from the community can give him is a failing
 test. Find out why.
[00:39:44] Andrew asks Joel what's next for View Component and if he
 had a dream of something it could become, what is next?
[00:44:20] Joel makes a great point by saying that the reason we need
 to Open Source the components we are working on is that we learn so much
 more from actual complex examples. Why is this?
[00:47:52] Joel makes a point to say that the most important skill for
 a Rails engineer to have is good data modeling and understanding good
 database design. He gives a shout out to the "High Scalability" site
 that has done more for Joel's success in engineering interviews than any
 other resource.
[00:50:27] Joel has some final inspiring words about how much better
 off humanity would be if we were all working on these problems together
 and this is what Open Source is all about. It's about sharing what we're
 learning with other people. Andrew also chimes in with some good advice.
[00:54:22] Joel wraps it up with one final thing to say about the
 project and Andrew gives a homework assignment to those listening.


Joel Hawksley: GitHub
Joel Hawksley: Website
High Scalability
RailsConf 2019 - Rethinking the View Layer with Components

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