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My guest today is Samer Salty who is the Founder and Managing Partner of Zouk Capital. Samer has over 30 years of experience in private equity, investment banking, and technology. In this episode, I talk to Samer about his passion for sustainability, online education, and the power of digital to do good. He provides a real-life case study of how K-12 can be digitized and why entrepreneurs need to focus on online education as an opportunity.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:
  • [ 2:46] - How do you think of the business of sustainability and the need to do good and make money?
  • [6:37] - Why is education the biggest part of sustainability?
  • [10:37] - Can you break down the landscape for online education?
  • [17:07] - How do you keep children motivated and engaged with online education?
  • [19:17] - What is Valenture institute and what is their educational offering?
  • [21:18] - Why taking the traditional curriculum and moving it online doesn’t work?
  • [23:59] - What’s your target market?
  • [25:26] - What about students with learning disabilities? Can online education help those students?
  • [26:08] - How do you get online high schools recognized by universities?
  • [29:40] - What is your fee structure?
  • [31:12] - What are the biggest challenges to online education?
  • [32:35] - How are you attracting the best quality teachers?
  • [34:43] - Is this online platform available for summer programs?
  • [35:18] - What advice would you give to entrepreneurs in education technology

Valenture Institute
Book: Call Me Ted
Book: One From Many
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