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All About Trade

Show Notes

This week on the Friday Download podcast host Jordan Small is joined by Esther Guy-Meakin (International Trade Policy Manager, Beef and Lamb NZ), and Tracey Epps (Trade Consultant, Chapman Tripp) as we talk all things trade, the current global trade environment, the Trade for All Advisory Board's recently released report on inclusive trade, and the WTO's appellate body. 

During the show we consider: 

  • Whether the findings of the Trade for All Advisory Board's recent report address the concerns of those who came out in protest over the Trans Pacific Partnership? 
  • Was growing inequality and the unequal distribution of the benefits of trade addressed as part of the Trade for All Advisory Board's report - or is trade policy not the right vehicle?  
  • On December 10th the appellate body will no longer be able to hear new cases - what is left of the WTO without an effectively operating dispute settlement process, will the multilateral trading system collapse as a result, and what will notice come December 11th? 

Please excuse a few sound quality issues - we're working on improving these with each episode so please stick with us.   

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