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Lola and Dupe Ajayi are twins who have a passion for finance and kids. Lola and Dupe Ajayi teach children about financial literacy through their children's novel "Taiwo and Kehinde: : The Wedding Trip." Learn more by listening to the full episode.

Show Notes

Do you know where your knowledge of financial literacy and competency came from? For many of us, the way we save and spend our money comes directly from the lessons we learned around us. Most of those early finance lessons depend significantly on how we see our parents or guardians spend their money. We've had several financial conversations on our podcast, and today's discussion will differ. Our guests, Lola and Dupe Ajayi, are twin sisters passionate about teaching others the truth about finance and kids.

When I think back to my early memories of money, the visual imagery I reflect on is seeing my grandmother keep her savings under her mattress and keep her largest bills safely pinned to her bra with safety pins. I'm sure this sounds like too much information, but if you group up around your elders, you probably can think back to someone in your family who did the same with their money.

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Something to Explore:

Today's fact comes from Britannica. "The Nigerian economy is one of the largest in Africa. Since the late 1960s it has been based primarily on the petroleum industry."

African Proverb

One cannot both feast and become rich. ~ Ashanti Proverb

Word of the Episode

Kehinde is the name given to the younger twin in Yoruba. 

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Grown Folks Section: Meet  Lola and Dupe Ajayi who discussed Finance and Kids

Lola and Dupe Ajayi  are twin sisters, authors, and real estate investors. They discuss their initiative to use fun, colorful, cultural, and entertaining ways to instill important financial literacy knowledge in our Black and underserved children.

Recommended for youth in middle school, please purchase "Taiwo and Kehinde: The Wedding" by Lola and Dupe Ajayi

Follow their instagram page and check out their website so you can find out when their latest releases will be available.

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