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In this episode I talk to Philip Kiely, Head of Marketing at Gumroad, about how he made 20k in his first week selling an info product, why the creator economy is booming, and how you can launch your own product.

Show Notes

Today we're joined by Philip Kiely, who is currently Head of Marketing at Gumroad. Philip also launched "Writing for Software Developers" last May, making $20,000 in sales in its first week without any pre-existing audience. Since then, Philip has been on a mission to help as many software developers as possible realize that they possess the skills they need to become great writers.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Why Philip wrote 'Writing for Software Developers'
  • How Philip made $20k in 24 hours with no pre-existing audience
  • Should you do pre-sales if you're selling an info product?
  • How Philip got his job at Gumroad
  • Why there has been a boom in the creator economy
  • Why choose Gumroad as your selling platform
  • Where a new creator should start when selling a product
  • Who made the most money on Gumroad in 2020
  • Gumroad Stats 2020
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