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Mitch of Red Beard Cafe and I chat about a "Better Kamloops".

Show Notes

Okay, I am starting to get my systems in place to make this a streamlined process so that I can deliver quality stories from your community. And if you live in Kamloops, you would be very familiar with the community that surrounds Red Beard Cafe on the North Shore. I moved to Kamloops when Red Beard was in its early days and it's amazing to see how it's grown... And that it due in part to Mitch and his vision for a Better Kamloops. READ HERE LINKY LINKS!!!! In this episode we chat with Mitch from @redbeardcafe about his thoughts on... Parking lots and how they effect the growth of our city. If you want to learn more about this thoughts on parking lots, go to our website, I will link to his book which he has published for free called "Better Kamloops".  Thank you to @frankeblock for editing once again!    #kameo #kameopodcast #kamloops #canadianradio   .   -nev

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