Rock Your Bossitude

Join Talmar Anderson and her Rock Your Bossitude Guest this episode, Robyn Grable, the Chief Executive Officer of Talents ASCEND. Our discussion on how hard it can be to hand off your mission and this beautiful "baby" of yours as the business owner.

Listen in to this amazing episode on our mission to share that there are GREAT Bosses out there and you CAN be one - with more ease and less drama!

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Talmar Anderson

What is Rock Your Bossitude?

Ever wondered what it takes to be a great boss? Welcome to "Rock Your Bossitude," the podcast that's here to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and prove that stepping into the Boss role with a kickass team is always worth it.

Hosted by the dynamic and experienced entrepreneur, Talmar Anderson, this podcast is all about unleashing the full potential of your business and embracing the "people side of business" with enthusiasm. Each episode will feature engaging interviews with fellow bosses who share their personal experiences and how they transitioned from being small business owners to empowered leaders with thriving teams. But that's not all! Talmar herself will include valuable training sessions to help you along the way.

Whether you're considering your first hire or looking to enhance your leadership journey, "Rock Your Bossitude" is your compass for doing it your way and achieving remarkable results. So, are you ready to step into your Bossitude? Yeah! you have one!