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Hindsight is 20/20. Eilene Zimmerman, Journalist, and author of the new memoir, Smacked, used this realization to confront and expose a hidden reality that she personally faced when her ex-husband died of a drug overdose. Her story will have you thinking about the types of things we never suspect, or expect.

Show Notes

Eilene Zimmerman, long-time journalist and contributor to The New York Times talks with Jeniffer and Chad about her new memoir, Smacked:A Story of White Collar Ambition, Addiction and Tragedy. Eilene shares how she was oblivious to her successful ex-husband's addiction until tragedy struck. She also explains her process in deciding how and why to tell her story. This is an eye-opening episode on hidden realities, but as usual, there's some fun book talk and interesting musings from the hosts and their guest. 

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