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Sound of Sanity sounds the alarm bell on another terrible article by Brett McCracken.

Show Notes

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood is old news by now, so this episode should not be considered as a cold take on that. Rather, our heroes are facing off against an article by their old nemesis, Gospel Coalition writer Brett McCracken, he of "The Joyful Longing of Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke" fame. McCracken's take on the Tarantino movie is more than insipid, it's calling what is evil good. And this is something up with which our heroes cannot put. Featuring Ollie and Radiohead plus Walter and Gary.

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1. Here's the article under question by Brett McCracken.
2. Here's McCracken's article on The Hateful Eight.
3. David Bentley Hart on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.
4. Chart of violence in Tarantino's films.
5. Several interviews with Tarantino on violence: this, this, that, this, and this.

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Every week on Sound of Sanity our heroes argue through a different topic from everyday life, reminding regular Bible-believing Christians that we're not the crazy ones, and having some fun along the way.