Product by Design

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What is involved in creating a product strategy and how do you involve your product design team in your product strategy? In this episode we tackle those questions and more.

Show Notes

In this episode we have a great conversation about product strategy, where design fits in strategy, and how to involve your product team, including UX designers in the strategy and vision.
  • Where does strategy fit?
  • What are the major headaches for product managers?
  • What difficulties are there in getting support for product strategy?
  • How can we create the product vision, strategy and measure it to ensure success?
We also tackle other important questions:
  • Star Trek, Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica?
  • What is a Timberking 2000 and why Kyle needs one

What is Product by Design?

A podcast about product management, user experience design, and how we can create the best product experiences for users and our businesses.