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Can you really sell friendship as a value proposition to businesses? How do you successfully displace incumbent, well established solutions? How do you balance moving to a new category while maintaining your position in the old category? These are the types of questions I had for Mads Fosselius, CEO of Dixa, another Nordic startup that is re-imagining the world of customer service from the ground up.

Show Notes

  • [1:18] Why do you feel so strongly about this vision of creating friendships between customers and agents and where does this vision come from?
  • [7:28] As a company, what was the process you undertook to define the category that you want to be in?
  • [19:29] How do you convince your customers to switch from an established vendor?
  • [24:27] What are some of the mistakes you have made in your early days? And what are your biggest learnings in this journey?
  • [27:20] What strategies worked for you to get your first 10, 100 and 500 customers?
  • [32:03] What advice would you give entrepreneurs on how to scale pre-series A?
  • [33:08] What do you think of brand building and its effect on different aspects of the company in various stages?


The Hard thing about hard things by Ben Horowitz

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