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Have you seen the stairs in the woods? This episode is a mix of who we are, where we come from, what we know about the weird, the strange, the unexplained AND the story of the stairs in the woods...

Show Notes

The two hosts of the Unrefined podcast discuss their vision for the podcast, which is to explore the world beyond the veil of the physical world. They hope to discuss various topics from a biblical worldview and to also include guests on the show. The conversation is about how the world is a strange place and how they are trying to find their place in it. They talk about how they want to explore the weird through a biblical worldview and how the further they have gone down this rabbit hole, the weirder it has gotten. They mention how they are both fans of Joe Rogan and Michael Heiser and how they are trying to make their place in the world. Lindsy has been listening to the Sisters of Mercy and Desmond Doom recently, and is reading Lewis's Space Trilogy. They are reading the trilogy mainly because they are interested in the last book's dystopian, trans-humanist future. They discuss the book First Enoch, which is a book about the pre-flood character Enoch. The book is unique and fresh, and the speaker is also reading a companion book to it. Enoch is an important book because it is quoted by Jude and referenced by Peter.

The Unrefined Podcast: A Focus on the Seen and the Unseen
The Weird World We Live In:
Desmond Doom's Surf Goth Album and Lewis's Space Trilogy
The following is a conversation between the hosts discussing the book, First Enoch, 
What We've Been Reading and Listening to Lately
Predictive Programming in Movies and TV
The Stairs in the Woods: A Fascinating Phenomenon
The Stairs in the Woods: A Fascinating Phenomenon
Conversation between the hosts discussing a recent article about a search and rescue team finding a set of stairs in a remote location.
The Stairs in the Woods: A Supernatural Phenomenon
Skeptics and the Supernatural
The Supernatural Stairs: A Conversation
The thin space concept in relation to the stairs in the woods.
The Reenchantment of the World: 
"But the Irish have always traditionally talked about these thin spaces, these places where, for good or for ill, that the seen and the unseen or the veil between the two are very thin."

"I mean, Eden was on a mountain and Eden was a place where God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. And so it was a place where both the physical and the spiritual met, and they met in a way where they were both in existence there."

"This whole stairs in the woods phenomena, you guys, is not commonplace. I mean, if you survey ten people on the street, ten people won't know about this."

What is Unrefined Podcast .com?

What’s beyond the veil? The nature of this world we live in is unrefined.

Yes, we live in this multifaceted world of the SEEN and the UNSEEN.
In each episode we go beyond the veil in our own personal unrefined way.

Our podcast recipe includes: the supernatural, the strange and unexplained from a biblical perspective, PLUS deep dives into the Word AND a wee bit of the conspiratorial for good measure.