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In 2020, seamless, data-driven digital experiences are more critical than ever in driving growth and retention. This week, Ken chats with Cassandra Gamm and Jono Loeser from Mixpanel about the role of product analytics in the modern tech stack and how engaging users at your product's key value moments can lead to better engagement, stronger growth, and "resurrecting" lost users.

Show Notes

Every product manager wants the same thing: to build better, more engaging products. Yet even the best ideas need to be supported by  strong data. Cassandra Gamm and Jono Loeser join Ken this week to discuss how product analytics tools like Mixpanel help PMs, engineers, and other stakeholders increase the rate of innovation by discovering key value moments that can help drive growth and retention.

Watch the video version of this podcast

  • 2:00 - Mixpanel in the modern tech stack
  • 6:17 - Finding your key value moments
  • 14:17 - Resurrecting users
  • 16:56 - Using product analytics to drive retention
  • 24:17 - Using Mixpanel for Growth
  • 29:30 - Key metrics for success
  • 34:22 - Mixpanel's Modeling Layer
  • 36:45 - Macro trends in products analytics 

What is Digital Innovator?

Hosted by best-selling O’Reilly author and tech thought leader Ken Yarmosh, Digital Innovator bridges the gap between innovation and the modern workplace. Ken has built chart-topping apps, created startups backed by leading VCs, and pioneered innovations at Global 1000 companies. Episodes include interviews with industry leaders, briefings on what you need to know now, and what’s coming next.