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Ever feel impostor syndrome because you don't have a CS degree? Philip Kiely joins Swyx and Randall to talk about 3 big misconceptions that people have about CS degrees!

Show Notes

Philip Kiely joins Swyx and Randall to talk about CS degrees, the myths around getting a CS degree and how to be successful in college.

- "Institute of Technology" vs "Liberal Arts"
- Hackathons to set yourself apart
- Writing externally to gain credibility
- Grad school? not needed - except for visas, research

MIT's Missing Semester:
The Craft of Writing Effectively:
Georgia Tech OMSCS:


Speaker Links

- Philip Kiely (@philipkiely): Writing For Software Developers, Cold Email for Interesting People
- Randall (@randallkanna): The Standout Developer, The Standout Career
- Swyx (@swyx): The Coding Career Handbook
- Discuss this episode on Circle

What is Career Chats with Swyx and Randall?

Short, focused chats about developer careers. 1 topic each, selected from the best of our writing and thinking.