Tennis Rockers

With all the money parents spend at tennis clubs and kids spend in lessons, shouldn't there be some sort of "board of directors" organization made up of customers, management, and tennis teachers to get the most out of everyone's experience? In this episode, we introduce and explore the concept of such an organization.

Show Notes

Every school has one - a PTA or parent teacher association but practically no tennis clubs have a CTO (club tennis association), a CPA (club pro association), or a PCA (player club organization.  

Why not?

The PTA addresses collective concerns of the parents relative to that of the schools ongoing activities.  The PTA connects parents and teachers to address their concerns and so could a CTO, CPA, or a PCA.  The PTA requests additional teacher support or school support and so could a CTO, a CPA, or a PCA.  The PTA provides feedback to the school and its teachers as to how things are going or not going and so could a CTO, CPA or a PCA. The PTA brings in guest speakers, brings in book fairs, and conducts fund raisers and so could ...

You get the point, so maybe its time to pursue this helpful association.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!


What is Tennis Rockers?

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