Tennis Rockers

Do you have a child or a student that does and says two different things? They say they love the sport of tennis but they don't do the things or make the efforts that show their love and compel them to get better? For coaches and parents, this is a frustrating, confusing and uncomfortable experience. Maybe they have maladaptive ways of cognitive and emotional processing?

Show Notes

Before someone just looks at bailing on tennis, maybe we need to consider maladaptive ways of cognitive and emotional processing.  You don't have to be a professional psychiatrist or psychologist - just apply a little common sense.  Connect, ask questions, consider what is going on.  Start a dialogue with your child or student.  See if they'll acknowledge your observations and maybe even ask for help or work to setup their own strategies and solutions to overcoming their tennis challenges.   

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

What is Tennis Rockers?

Are you ready to re-imagine and reconstruct the way you realize not just the game of tennis but all the other ways you compete in life? Tennis Rockers pull together beliefs, concepts, ideas, people, and values from a cross-section of multi-disciplinary fields for the purpose of doing things a little different. Tennis Rockers don't just want to change the game, they want to help people think about changing how they see and live their lives.

Coach Claude and coach Sully cordially invite you to put the pedal to the metal and join an unconventional conversation on tennis and life. Nothing good comes from standing still.