Who Watches The World Cup?

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England v Germany.... well that can only mean... THREE LIONS ON THE SHIRT! TWO WORLD WARS! ONE WORLD CUP! EURO 2020's round of 16 contained some absolutely incredible football and even more incredible results! Europe's superstars were on display and JEEZ LOUISE A LOT OF THEM HAVE LEFT EARLY! What's COMING HOME? It might not be football, but it sure is Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kante, Gareth Bale, Manuel Neuer and Mats Hummels...

...Oh, and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock. He got caught cheating on his wife and now the UK has to replace its health secretary in the middle of a pandemic, not because 128,000 people died, but because he technically broke social distancing rules by kissing somebody else's wife... unbelievable Jeff...

Wales v Denmark
Italy v Austria
Netherlands v Czech Republic
Portugal v Belgium
Croatia v Spain
France v Switzerland
England v Germany
Sweden v Ukraine

What is Who Watches The World Cup??

Football and politics have been inseparable since the sports' creation, but how do they interact in the modern world? And what happens when countries with different domestic and international agendas meet in the ultimate clash of nation v nation conflict... the World Cup?! Starting with the Russia 2018 World Cup, Awful Commentary brings you: 'Who Watches The World Cup?' a podcast about the intersection of football and politics that aims to predict the results of matches through both the teams skill with a ball and political motivation.

Our theme music is 1930s Seedy Street Music (Harmon Trumpet) by astrofreq/Dan Carlton and can be found for free at: https://pixabay.com/music/traditional-jazz-1930s-seedy-street-music-harmon-trumpet-2920/