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Lucas leads a discussion with Jonathan and Jess about social media marketing strategy and how businesses can avoid “posting just to post.” They provide practical advice, offer tools to utilize and discuss how to remain consistent and relevant on social media.

Show Notes

About the Guests

Jonathan, Jess, and Lucas all work for Big Slate Media. Lucas handles creative strategy for video content produced by Big Slate Media and has years of digital content experience. Jess and Jonathan have a vast history of managing social media for a variety of regional brands and have created content for nationally recognized companies. All three are passionate about the future of content creation and how it can change the face of social engagement for content creators.

What is Know Content?

Know Content is a podcast full of content made by content creators. New Trends. Big Ideas. Expert Opinions. And all the "need-to-know" on how to keep your content fresh and fly. If you ever have questions or comments about any of the topics discussed, please reach out to us at