The Business of Open Source

Loris Degioanni is the CEO and Founder of Sysdig, an open-source company working to make cloud deployment more secure through the use of runtime insights. Loris and I sit down to discuss the bet Sysdig is making to position itself as a leader in cloud security, how Loris leverages the power of a useful tool to create a brand, and the framework he uses to decide what should be open source and what should be paid for. Loris also shares an in-depth history of his previous company, Wireshark, and his excitement for building open source projects that outlast their business and creators.

  • Intro (00:00)
  • I introduce Loris Degioanni who is the CEO and Founder of Sysdig, and he provides a little bit of context about himself and his company (01:00)
  • Loris gives an overview of his previous company, Wireshark (01:57)
  • Ways in which Loris was able to commercialize Wireshark as a tool for open-source end-users (04:30)
  • How Loris used open-source as a marketing tool to create a profitable business model (07:28)
  • The difference between Sysdig and Wireshark in their relationship to open-source (08:57)
  • The bet that Sysdig is making and how that positions the company to become a leader in cloud security (12:36)
  • Loris and I discuss Wireshark’s continued longevity (15:14)
  • Where the inspiration for Sysdig came from and its journey from open-source project to commercial product (19:41)
  • How building something useful replaces the need for a sales and marketing team (24:22)
  • Closing the gap between the Sysdig project and the Sysdig platform (27:52)
  • The framework for deciding what is offered open-source and what needs to be paid for (30:21)
  • Loris’s most interesting mistakes in entrepreneurship and building Sysdig (33:20)
  • How listeners can connect with Loris and learn more about Falco and Sysdig (36:31)



What is The Business of Open Source?

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