The Natural Hormone Method

In this weeks episode Kirra is joined by Mel Kovacevic, Founder of The Seed Cycle. Kirra and Mel dive into the many benefits of seeds,  and how Seed Cycling can improve your hormonal symptoms using traditional food as medicine. 

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What is The Natural Hormone Method?

Are you tired of irregular periods, painful cycles or just not getting any support for your hormones? Then you’ve come to the right place, join Kirra Morrill, qualified Naturopath and women’s health advocate as she dives into the world of Hormone support, naturally.

This podcast covers key aspects of hormone health including how it’s all meant to work and what can go wrong along the way. She has an interest in endometriosis and PCOS too, conditions that are not often well treated or understood. Kirra will be interviewing a variety of health experts as well as covering real life experiences from real people along their Hormone journey.

Because symptoms may be common, but they’re certainly not normal, let’s discover the WHY together.