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What does being an extreme athlete have in common with being a firefighter? Both vocations are extremely physically demanding and require an uncanny level of teamwork.

Show Notes

Our 6th season of The Teamwork Advantage kicks off with a true superstar from the extreme athletics world, Robyn Benincasa. Robyn is the author of “How Winning Works” in which she talks about how she paralleled professions; being a firefighter for San Diego County and competing in the world of extreme athletics.

Robyn talks about how, as a true competitor, her team was dropped in outlandish places like the jungles of Borneo.  Her team then had to traverse over 600 miles, using no motorized transportation, with only a paper map and a compass for navigation. 
Listen as she tells stories of what she, and her competitors, encountered.  If you think you have it tough, imagine that, if just one of your team members gets sick or decides the challenge is too tough, the whole team is disqualified.
Compare that with the difficulty of being a firefighter and understanding when someone else on the team has a stronger proficiency of a task or can relate to a patient better and you have to step back. Robyn’s ability to articulate these events will make this one of your favorite episodes of all time!
Robyn is also the founder of “Project Athena,” a foundation that helps survivors of tragedy regain control of their lives. Whether it is surviving cancer, or the loss of a limb, she helps build powerful teams of individuals that then turn their setbacks into comebacks. 
 What a way to kick off our 6th season of The Teamwork Advantage!
 For more information on Robyn and her work, visit her websites at: 
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