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Kim discusses the findings from the latest IPCC report which assesses scientific, technical, and socio-economic information concerning climate change, and what the next steps forward could be for all the involved stakeholders.

Show Notes

Thierry and Adrien welcome back Tokyo Institute of Technology's Kim Schumacher to the show. After briefly discussing his experience as a lecturer in Japan at the height of the covid-19 crisis, Kim extensively explains the purpose of the IPCC report, a paper issued by a body within the United Nations, and what the conclusions of the latest report mean for all the involved stakeholders. Thierry then enquires about the challenges that government officials have faced in light of the covid-19 crisis and what tackling climate change would entail for them to convince their electorate to adapt their lifestyle in a profound fashion. Provocatively, Adrien debates whether fully-fledged democracies and the handling of the climate change crisis are mutually exclusive concepts to make tough decisions that would preserve a population’s long term interests. Finally, Kim walks them through the latest sustainable finance initiatives that he has been involved in in Luxembourg where good progress has been made, especially with one of the largest domestic financial institutions.

What is LuxUnplugged Podcast?

People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. Despite its relatively small geographic print, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight on the world stage!

This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence from the perspective of two Luxembourgers living in London.