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Sometimes a pair of factions can allow Smash Up players to do very similar things. And if those combos go up against one another, they can lead to a very close game.

Show Notes

Sometimes a pair of factions can allow Smash Up players to do very similar things. And if those combos go up against one another, they can lead to a very close game. 

Ben and Nicole Rudolph are each playing their final game of this tournament. If Ben wins, we’re set up to have everyone end this tournament with a different number of victories. Ben would be back at .500. Nicole is trying to avoid going 0-4 and while her first and third games were decided by six points, her battle with Lucas in the midseason finale was decided by a single point. It’s anybody’s game. 

Now back to the factions. The Fairies are a tried and true utility faction. They can bring a bit of extra power, some minions and actions that offer variety, and they can be disruptive to any minions and actions in play. The Pirates can appear out of nowhere, quickly moving from one base to another and stealing leads at the… opportune moment. That’s Ben’s combo. Nicole’s combo will allow for similar effects. The set-up actions of the Luchadores can stay in play and offer a versatile array of options, making Nicole’s minions more powerful and making it harder for Ben to build up power on bases. The Shapeshifters, like the Pirates, can also come out of nowhere. They can copy the abilities of minions in play and the zero power Mimics are especially deceptive, equalling the power of the most powerful minion in play. 

Fairies & Pirates vs. Luchadores & Shapeshifters. Ben vs. Nicole. May the bases be ever in your favor. 

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