Building the Oracle - with Jay Swanson

Jay was recently at ConFusion and he took the opportunity to talk to other authors about the value of SFF conventions, why they attend, and how to get the most out of them for your writing career.

Show Notes

Jay attended ConFusion, a Science Fiction & Fantasy convention in Detroit, Michigan. While he was there he talked to some of our favorite SFF authors about why they attend conventions like ConFusion, and how professional conventions have helped them through their careers.

Should authors go to conventions and what should they expect from them when they do? How should they plan for a convention? How have SFF conventions changed over time, and how does an author's experience of conventions change throughout their career? What are the best strategies to get the most out of the conventions, and how can authors give back to the community while they are there?

With special thanks to all our guests, who you can (and definitely should!) follow wherever you can:

Kameron Hurley - @KameronHurley
Elsa Sjunneson - @snarkbat
John Wiswell - @Wiswell
Mike Underwood - @MikeRUnderwood
Adam Rakunas - @rakdaddy
Patrick Tomlinson - @stealthygeek

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