Embodying change: Transforming power, culture and well-being in aid organisations

In the second episode of our podcast this month Lana Baqaeen a Regional Staff Care Specialist for MENA Region with International Rescue Committee talks with Mary Ann about the work they are doing on their Duty of Care programme.

Show Notes

Lana shares how International Rescue Committee (IRC) implement their Duty of Care programme, providing professional mental health support that covers all staff and their families. They provide comprehensive support in a number of different languages, offer virtual wellbeing support and are thinking about the cross-cultural issues that are important in meeting their Duty of Care to their staff around the world. Our conversation with Lana is an important example of how good practice is being developed in the sector to meet some of the key challenges identified in our mapping report in terms of the provision of mental health care to staff. 

Lana Baqaeen is a Staff Care Specialist at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where she works as part of the global Duty of Care program covering the Middle East and North Africa. Staff wellbeing is at the core of everything she does in her role at IRC. Lana comes with 10 years of HR experience and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology.

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What is Embodying change: Transforming power, culture and well-being in aid organisations?

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