Finneran's Wake - For Kids!

“The lips that Jove so praised were now hideous Jaws! And lest her prayers prevail, her power of speech was quenched; a fearful growl, angry and menacing, came from her throat. She was a BEAR!--but, beneath her grisly exterior, she kept her woman’s heart”.

The myth of Callisto, who now twinkles high above us as the constellation Ursa Major, features the rebuilding of the world after its near total destruction; a scandalous affair between a god and a nymph; the child born of that strange union; the mother’s magical transformation into a bear; her encounter with her grown son, now a hunter; and their marvelous apotheosis–their becoming stars in the night sky.

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What is Finneran's Wake - For Kids! ?

Wondrous tales of heroes and myths for your child’s enlightenment (and your entertainment!) Gather your little ones, ready your minds, and join me, as we embark together (all of us!—parents included!) on fantastic adventures in distant lands. Here, on Finneran’s Wake, you’ll find THE greatest stories ever told, the stories passed down from one generation to the next since the dawn of time, by which our great culture has been raised, and your child will be too.