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This month on The eCommerce Experience, Andrew interviews Olivija van Heerwaarden from wholesale distributor CWM Homewares. Representing well-known brand Ecology, CWM have found themselves pivoting to a more direct model of sales over the past 6 months of COVID, and really leveraging their strong B2B eCommerce game in the process.

Show Notes

As we’re all aware, COVID has turned the way we do business upside down. In episode 7, Andrew chats with Olivija van Heerwaarden, Marketing & eCommerce Manager at CWM Homewares, about her company’s experience on this rollercoaster. Olivija shares her insights and explains how CWM have found technology and innovation to be key - not only in weathering the pandemic, but emerging even stronger than before. Virtual showrooms, clickable catalogues, and a robust eCommerce platform are the kind of tools that have allowed CWM to stay agile and connected to their customers. But going from B2B to a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) model isn’t as simple as you might think. Join Andrew as we discover the challenges of going D2C when your bread & butter is B2B!
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