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"The tragic beauty of the human condition is that we suffer so much more than we have to—because of the stories that we tell ourselves." – Erick Godsey

Show Notes

All I can say is that you're in for a treat with this conversation. Erick Godsey studies the myths that make us—he uses cognitive, evolutionary, and Jungian psychology to help people discover, articulate, and change the stories that rule their lives.

Here is a mere smidge of the ground that we covered:

💊   Erick's view on the broken system of Western medicine and why SSRIs and psychiatric drugs are no better than a placebo.

🎭   His perspective on a psychological model called 'Internal Family Systems' that articulates the multitudes of characters within us all.

🧙‍♂️  The Jungian book on mature masculine archetypes that changed his life and the way he shows up in relationship.

😴   Why it's worth paying more attention to our dreams.

📝   The journal prompt that he would prescribe to someone who is looking at the world in despair right now and feeling overwhelmed with the crises that are unfolding.

🤔  Why no human is equipped with the biological apparatus to perceive the actual world, but that we create models that are useful to us.

✊  The spiritual commitment he made to write morning pages for an hour every day after hitting rock bottom.

❤️  His views on grief as the active process of digesting attachments to love.

🖋️  The tragic beauty of the human condition—that we suffer so much more than we have to, because of the stories that we tell ourselves

🐺  Why the ego is NOT the enemy, but more like a wolf (and how to join forces with it)

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What is Curious Humans with Jonny Miller?

In our productivity obsessed culture we struggle to justify investing time or money into something that doesn’t have a defined outcome—this podcast is a journey to turn the lens of curiosity back on itself and nudge the rest of us 'grown-ups' to take their curiosity more seriously.