From the Crows' Nest

In this AOC member/subscriber-only episode of From the Crows’ Nest, host Ken Miller is joined once again by John Knowles, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance (JED) and Matt Thompson, AOC’s Senior Analyst to discuss current events and news on electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO). Together, they share their insights on recent developments in cognitive EW and the role of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), investment trends on unmanned aerial systems (UASs) and air-launched effects (ALE), and the need to address gaps in EW training and readiness.

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Creators & Guests

Ken Miller
AOC Director of Advocacy & Outreach, Host of @AOCrows From the Crows' Nest Podcast
Ish Balderas-Wong
John Knowles
Laura Krebs
Matt Thompson

What is From the Crows' Nest?

This podcast features interviews, analysis, and discussions covering leading issues of the day related to electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO). Topics include current events and news worldwide, US Congress and the annual defense budget, and military news from the US and allied countries. We also bring you closer to Association of Old Crow events and provide a forum to dive deeper into policy issues impacting our community.