Living Dead in Austin

Werewolf attacks, vampire attacks, and vampire werewolf attacks

Show Notes

Sookie's date with Quinn takes a violent turn as some young werewolves make the mistake of their lives and attack them. After dealing with that and with the now-suspicious New Orleans police, Sookie returns to clean out her late cousin's apartment. Which takes a violent turn as a young vampire makes the mistake of his life and attacks her.

We are Alice Sullivan (bluebonnetcafe), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

Music: CHASIN' IT by Jason Shaw, licensed under CC-BY 3.0.
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Creators & Guests

Alice Sullivan
Jeff Lake
Micah Sparkman

What is Living Dead in Austin?

We're reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris and podcasting about it! We'll recap as we go, so you can read along or just listen along. Join us!